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Marcus Ingram was born and raised in the Motor City Detroit, Michigan. Marcus gained interest in photographer when he spent time with his dad as a young child. He loved watching and taking pictures with his dad. Marcus’s first experience with photography was in high school. Marcus took pictures of his classmates, as well as the city's landscape. Showing the world of his interest in photography he purchased his first camera, a SLR Minolta 5000 with a 50 mm lens. Friends and family took note of Marcus' eye for capturing pictures when he shot his first wedding at age 19.


Today Marcus continues to pursue his passion in the Metro-Atlanta area. Marcus’s work has been displayed in gallery openings, Getty Images, House of Hope Atlanta, and major pop-culture websites. His proudest moment in his professional career is when a photograph of his son DeVon and puppy Cheto, was displayed at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. This center for the humanities is part of Wayne County Michigan Council for Arts, History & Humanities. To find more about Detroit’s and Altanta's own Marcus Ingram and to set up a consultative appointment, you can contact him at marcusingramphoto@gmail.com






Tel: 404.996.8476

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